We do allow pets at our facility with certain restrictions. However, we do not allow dogs which can be trained for aggressive tendencies (due to restrictions placed on us by our insurance carrier). For this reason, we do not allow Pit Bulls, Rotweilers, Dobermans, or Chows (no exceptions). We have these rules because it is our number one priority to provide a safe and quiet environment for every one of our guests at the 1st Travel Inn.

Our number one rule is: Pet owners are held responsible for the appropriate behavior of their pet(s).

Pet owners are required to enforce the following behaviors:

• All dogs must be leashed at all times (unless they are inside your motel room)
You may not leave pets in a room when leaving the premises.
• No aggression towards other dogs or people.
• No continuous barking.
• Barking at each passer by is to be discouraged.
• Owners must "pick up" after their pets.

Please leave your pet at home (or in a kennel) if you are not willing to comply with these rules. Don't forget to bring a leash and your baggies (for droppings).

Owners with pets staying in our motel are charged an additional $10.00 per day for each pet. We reserve the right to restrict the number and size of dogs at the 1st Travel Inn.

If you do not declare your pet at check in we will charge an additional cleaning fee of $ 150.00.

Expect that we will ask these questions when you make a reservation, and when you check in. Answer the questions honestly. We will not honor your reservation if you arrive here with restricted breeds, dogs larger than declared, and/or greater numbers of pets than what you informed us of. You are also responsible for any damage caused by your pet. We will require a credit card deposit for anyone staying at the 1st Travel Inn with a pet (no exceptions).

We appreciate your cooperation and understanding! We have hundreds of satisfied pet owners as well as pets who have enjoyed vacationing at the 1st Travel Inn. Thank you....