Converting the 1st Travel Inn into an environmental friendly lodging establishment

Our mission: We want to cut greenhouse emissions in half.

February 10, 2008--Oakley

Our goal is to provide a home away from home, in a socially responsible manner that challenges us and others to learn and grow.

We view our customers, employees and vendors as partners in our mutual continued growth. We see the 1st Travel Inn as a vehicle by which all of our partners can contribute to our society and environment in a respectful and enjoyable atmosphere. We look forward to provide clean, healthy, green lodging and pertinent information that exceeds expectations.

We set ourself the goal to cut our total energy use, energy costs and greenhouse gas emissions in half. We want accomplish these reductions without any discomfort for our guests.

Project 1:

Efficient Lighting -- Compact Fluorescents

Step 1: We replaced existing incandescent lights at the overhang with compact fluorescents.

Energy Saving Table:

Quantity Place watts hrs/day KWH saving/yr
24 Overhang 24(65-15)=1200 5 2190
4 Stairways 4(100-23)=562 5 562
28   1762 watts   2752 KWH/yr

The numbers in the watts column a (qty of lamps) (old bulb watts - CF lamp watts), and the KWH saving is:
(qty of lamps) (old bulb watts - CF lamp watts) (hours on per day) (365 days/yr)(1/1000) =

Energy Saving/yr 2752 KWH Initial Cost $72.08
CO2 reduction 5504 lb $'s Saved/year $275.66
Energy Source Electricity 1st Year Return 382 %
    10 yr saving (10% fuel inflation per year) $ 4391.26

Project 2:

To reduce our CO2 footprint and to operate more efficient we replaced the old boiler for the hot water.